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Alyssa Anne Austin

Actor • Author • Creative Entrepreneur

What The Critics Are Saying...

"The song is delightfully sweet and is performed to perfection and, in fact, one of many examples of [Alyssa's] stylistic range as a performer."

- Cassiopeia Guthrie, 

On the Craft Review

 "In this 70-minute, one act show, Austin exercises quite possibly every single one of her facial muscles with an array of expressive moments, and dances circles (literally) around the stage with tremendous physicality..."

- Cassiopeia Guthrie, 

On the Craft Review

"Alyssa is pure entertainment delivered seamlessly with energy, intelligence, and poise. I laughed. I cried... Expertly gifted to the audience."

- Director Liz Shipman

Always a Banana Review

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What I've Been Up To Lately

My Mission

As an Actor...


My mission is to create memorable characters that reveal powerful truths. 

As a Creative Entrepreneur...


My mission is to help others discover & use their

unique gifts. 

As a Person..


My personal motto is

"Do what you love and

help others." 

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"Anyone can make a difference, and everyone should try."

John F. Kennedy

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