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35 Days of Confidence

Find Your Voice, Fulfill Your Dreams and Focus Your Inner Power

“This wonderful, warm insightful book shows you a series of proven strategies that you can use immediately to supercharge your life.”

-Brian Tracy, Motivational Speaker and Best Selling Author of “Goals!” and “Eat That Frog!”

“Confidence is the key to all success in life.”

Such is the bold promise that Alyssa Austin makes in the introductory pages of "35 Days of Confidence: Find Your Voice, Fulfill Your Dreams and Focus Your Inner Power."

Over the course of 35 concise, expressive, and refreshingly honest chapters, Austin delivers confidence-building lessons and journaling prompts centered around the five foundational pillars of Self Discovery, Positive Mental Attitude, Self Improvement, The Physical Body, and Taking Action.

A lifelong performer and professional communicator, Austin reaches deep into her stage and screen experience to share confidence tricks of the trade, as well as some cold hard truth-telling about who is ultimately responsible for your life and your happiness (in case you were wondering, it’s YOU).

The book runs on the platform that you should “be the leading lady of your own life,” with anecdotes and daily action steps for finding what makes you truly happy, shamelessly and honestly naming what you want, internalizing proven confidence behaviors, reshaping your verbal and physical communication habits, and ultimately taking action towards your own success and happiness.

By the end of 35 Days of Confidence, you will feel reinvigorated in your self-esteem and your understanding of who you are and what what you want in this world. If confidence truly is the key to all success in life, by the end of 35 Days, you’ll be more successful than you ever dreamed.

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