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 "In the 70-minute, one act show, Austin exercises quite possibly every single one of her facial muscles with an array of expressive moments, dances circles (literally) around the stage with tremendous physicality, and has the audience alternately reflecting in writing and laughing.

Other Reviews & Press Mentions

"...and so does Brenda (Alyssa Anne Austin, credibly subbing for Debra Wanger at the performance I attended)." - Pat Launer, A Legendary Con Man’s Amazing Spree Is Musically Retold in ‘Catch Me If You Can’

"All performers have their moments to shine.... Alyssa Anne Austin makes a convincing case (along with some cheeky choreography) to find a fulfilling hobby in 'Arthur in the Afternoon.'" -Broadway World Review: The World Goes 'Round at Coronado Playhouse

"You will be shocked to know this is Alyssa Austin’s freshman credit as a show’s choreographer because of the polished movement she’s created for the cast. She also contorts her body, moods, and mesmerizing characterizations as Carla... in ways that are titilating and tremendously entertaining." -San Diego Theatre Connection

"Alyssa Austin, who plays Carla, Cortini's mistress, is an absolutely perfect sex kitten. She is a total star when she sings, "A Call From The Vatican."- NINE THE MUSICAL: A DREAM COMES TRUE ONSTAGE

" incredibly talented and versatile cast led by Patio newcomers Alyssa Guttendorf (Judas Iscariot) and Mario Arambula-Damian (Jesus Christ), both of whom bring the complexities of their respective roles to dynamic life on stage." - Patio Playhouse Presents Jesus Christ Superstar

Standout performances are Alyssa Guttendorf’s sassy and sarcastic Sheila, the oldest and most jaded of the bunch (Guttendorf is making her San Diego theater debut in this show; hopefully, we’ll be seeing more of her talent and range)...” - Pat Launer, Small Theaters Nail Musical Classics: ‘Chorus Line’ and ‘Fantasticks’

"There’s also not a lot of room on Raygoza’s smartly shifting set for the big, brash dance numbers, although ensemble members Luke Jacobs, Alyssa Guttendorf, Dallas Perry, Gabriela Nelson and Kylie Young work it with impressive athleticism...” - Cabaret' gets an up-close and distinctive revival at Ion

"Nomination: Major Actress in a Musical. Alyssa Guttendorf - A Chorus Line at Coronado Playhouse" -2017 Aubrey Nominations

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