About Alyssa

"Do what you love and help others." 

I've been passionate about performing since the age of 3, when I first started taking ballet class, and I believe in my heart that theatre is one of the most important things in the world. Currently, I work professionally as a commercial & theatre actor based in San Diego, California. I also choreograph musical theatre for many organizations throughout San Diego, including Young Actors Theatre and Gutsy Girls, and seek to inspire young performers with the skills and confidence that theatre can provide. I am an Advocate for the Arts, and support a few local theaters through marketing and consulting work. 

After several years working in the corporate marketing world, in 2018, I quit my 9-5 to create more time for my art, and to help empower and equip other confident female creators and artists with tools for success. Through my company, Poised & Professional, I offer my services as a Career Mentor, Personal Branding Consultant, and Business Coach to professional women of all ages.

My first book, "35 Days on Confidence Find Your Voice, Fulfill Your Dreams & Focus Your Inner Power," was published in January 2019. You can find it on Amazon here

Thanks for being here! Let's do good, together. 


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