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What People Are Saying!

“We were promised Broadway Cabaret meets TED Talk and Alyssa Anne Austin delivers in Always a Banana, Never the Bride: An Ode to Broadway’s “Lesser Ladies” playing at Ocean Beach Playhouse for one weekend only. This one-woman show, written by Austin and performed with Music Director Richard Dueñez Morrison onstage at the keys, is a study of the archetypical “second banana,” so coined by Jane Krakowski and a mainstay of Golden Age theatre. In the 70-minute, one act show, Austin exercises quite possibly every single one of her facial muscles with an array of expressive moments, dances circles (literally) around the stage with tremendous physicality, and has the audience alternately reflecting in writing and laughing.”


“Additionally, Luke H. Jacob’s choreography shines throughout the production. It is especially charming in the athletic and flirtatious “Tom, Dick or Harry” from Kiss Me Kate, during which Austin is joined by three suitors, Xavier J. Bush, Marc Caro, and Colby Hamann. The song is delightfully sweet and is performed to perfection and, in fact, one of many examples of her stylistic range as a performer.


I’m pretty sure that everyone will leave the theatre just a bit more enamored with the second bananas of the world, “lovingly disarm(ed)” by the pep talk, and ready to pursue some passions.”

-"Austin serves up laughs, music, and wisdom to all second bananas of the world at OB Playhouse" review by Cassiopeia Guthrie and On The Craft

“Always a Banana was a joy—amazing talent, witty banter, triple-threat singing, dancing, acting. Whether she was offering us a Cabaret of song and dance, “Ted-Talking” us or challenging our perceptions of ourselves, Alyssa is pure entertainment delivered seamlessly with energy, intelligence and poise. I laughed. I cried. I was compelled to examine myself. Completely satisfying. Expertly gifted to the audience.”

-Liz Shipman


“A charming, thoughtful, informative look at what it means to be a three-dimensional woman, not only in musical theatre, but in life.”

-Sara Ah Sing

“10/10 would recommend. A vital message especially for women in musical theatre/acting.”

-Suthe Mani


Always a Banana, Never the Bride was beautiful, inspiring, and so much fun! Alyssa is not only super talented (this production showcases her voice and pizzazz perfectly), but the show itself has depth, story, and audience interaction in the best way possible. This is a fantastic show and should definitely continue to be produced all over the world!”

-Karson St. John McGinley


Alyssa is a compelling figure onstage - fun to watch - and a talented singer. I think the show may be good for anyone with self-confidence issues, though it will be of special interest to those who love musical theatre.”

-Andy Robinson


“Alyssa was a captivating performer from start to finish! I highly recommend this inventive, hilarious, insightful, and empowering show!”

-Joanne Chen

“Lovers of Musical Theater cannot miss this show.  Lovers of personal growth will learn so much about themselves. I am both and enjoyed every second of this TED talk/cabaret!”

-Deb Zimmer


“Fun, entertaining and thought provoking. Beautiful energy throughout the show. I left feeling uplifted by the premise of the show.”



Always a Banana is funny and entertaining, but unlike most stage plays, it is thought provoking, and brilliantly profound. It hits home on several levels. Loved it.” 



“The show was thoughtful, engaging, upbeat, entertaining. Its storyline is an opportunity, especially for girls and women, to reconsider their life choices and life directions… Alyssa created a personal rapport immediately with the audience. Throughout the show she seemed to be talking directly to me.”



It was the best TED Talk - a TED Talk for the musical theatre lover! I kept thinking, “Why aren’t more TED Talks like this?” 


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