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How to Book "Always a Banana"

Interested in having Alyssa come and perform her "part Broadway Cabaret, part TED talk" one-woman show at your venue? You can email Alyssa directly at for inquiries.


Want more information about how to book Always a Banana, Never the Bride: An Ode to Broadway's "Lesser Ladies"? You can learn more about the show and booking details via the FAQs below.


How long is "Always a Banana, Never the Bride?"

The show runs approximately 65 minutes with no intermission. 

Who is "Always a Banana, Never the Bride" for?

The show is appeals to all audiences, but definitely caters to those who have a love or affinity for musical theatre. The motivational & self-discovery aspects of the show will resonate most with adults ages 18 and up - individuals who have begun to think about their professional and personal ambitions, and how they want to present themselves to the world. The musical theatre numbers from popular Broadway shows can be enjoyed by anyone! You can read more about audience response on my Reviews page.

What ages is "Always a Banana, Never the Bride" appropriate for?

The show is appropriate for all ages! I was careful to not include any inappropriate language or material when creating it.

What does the description "part Broadway Cabaret, part TED talk" mean?

As a Personal Branding Strategist & Career Coach by day, and an Actor "by night" I was intrigued by the idea of creating a one-woman show that lives in both of those worlds. In Always a Banana, Never the Bride: An Ode to Broadway's "Lesser Ladies" my goal is to shine a spotlight on & pay homage to the classic "Second Banana" character of musical theatre, while also challenging audiences to think differently about labels, stereotypes, and the boxes we put ourselves and others in. You can learn more about the creation of the show and its unique format in this interview I did with Broadway World San Diego.

What are some of the topics that are covered in the show? 
Some of the topics covered in my show include:​ clarifying how you self-identify (and how we may "label" others), thinking about what brings you joy, personal branding strategies, recognizing the stories we tell ourselves and the impact they have on our lives, the courage & clarify to pursue the person you want to be, and so much more!. 
Are there any recordings of the show I can watch to get a sense of the content before moving forward with booking?
Yes! When I debuted my show in October 2022, I recorded the final performance. Email me at the email address below and I can share the private recording link with you for your perusal. There are also a few performance clips on this page.
I'm interested in booking "Always a Banana, Never the Bride" at my venue. How do I move forward?
Great! Simply send me an email at and we can discuss from there. 
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